Michaël BERTUIT Passion For Virtualization Product Vmware, ESX, Hyper V, Workstation, APPV, MEDV and systems news

Michaël BERTUIT Passion For Virtualization Product Vmware, ESX, Hyper V, Workstation, APPV, MEDV and systems news

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Vmware | How to install and configure VMware ESX 4 (vSphere 4.0) !

Hi Everyone,

I start my first post to install and configure VMware ESX 4 in myitforum.com. Yeah!!!

In a first step, he do have all prerequisite for install VMware ESX 4:

ESX Installation:
Install ESX to get started with running virtual machines. The machine running ESX virtualization software
will act as a host in your virtual infrastructure.
Hosts provide CPU and memory resources, access to storage, and network connectivity for virtual machines
that reside on them.

Prerequisites for Installing ESX:
Before you begin the installation procedure, ensure that the host meets the prerequisites.
The prerequisites are as follows:
If ESX will not use an NTP server, make sure that the server hardware clock is set to UTC. This setting is
in the system BIOS.
Make sure the host has a supported network adapter.

ESX Hardware Requirements
Using ESX requires specific hardware and system resources.
64-Bit Processor
VMware ESX 4.0 will only install and run on servers with 64-bit x86 CPUs.
Known 64-bit processors:
All AMD Opterons support 64 bit.
All Intel Xeon 3000/3200, 3100/3300, 5100/5300, 5200/5400, 7100/7300, and 7200/7400 support 64 bit.
All Intel Nehalem (no Xeon brand number assigned yet) support 64 bit.
2GB RAM minimum

Network Adapters
One or more network adapters. Supported network adapters include:
Broadcom NetXtreme 570x gigabit controllers
Intel PRO 1000 adapters
SCSI Adapter, Fibre Channel Adapter, or Internal RAID Controller
One or more of the following controllers (any combination can be used):
Basic SCSI controllers are Adaptec Ultra-160 and Ultra-320, LSI Logic Fusion-MPT, and most NCR/
Symbios SCSI controllers.
Fibre Channel, see the Hardware Compatibility Guide at
RAID adapters supported are HP Smart

Ok fine , you can continu after verify all prequisite… lol 🙂

1 – Insert the media and launch Install ESX in graphical

2-The install launcher start…

3- Clic on NEXT

4-Accept the licence and clic NEXT

5-Select you preferred language and clic NEXT

6-Select if you want install or not drivers…and clic NEXT

7-The loading driver start …

8-The loading driver is finish, you can clic on NEXT

9-Enter Serial or not and clic on NEXT

10-Select your network adapter and clic NEXT

11-enter a IP configuration


IP :

Mask :

Gateway: or another IP if you want


Hostname : ESXSERVER

After Clic NEXT

12-In a first time select Standard SetUp and clic NEXT

the Storage (Here the storaghe is just present for install binaires ESX
Server, after you can add another volume NAS or others) and clic NEXT

14-Select your time zone and clic on NEXT

15-Select Time and date and clic NEXT

16-The install process start…

17-After the installation finish clic on NEXT

18-Yeah the install is complete, now you can access at your esx server at the IP that you enter in the previous step.

19-In my example, i’m connect with the Vsphere Client for acces to the ESX server.

I need to use the Windows XP mode for launch the Vsphere Client

Lol >>problem with the compatibility Windows 7 lol for the client Vsphere>>joke 🙂

the installation is finish but now the ESX configuration is
necessary…If you want start the challenge, all at your server and
computer and GO to the VMWARE WORLD lol